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"With our passage through the bridge, behold a curious transformation. For just as Alice, when she walked through the looking-glass, found herself in a new and whimsical world, so we, when we crossed the Pa-chuu, found ourselves, as though caught up on some magic time machine fitted fantastically with a verse, flung back across the centuries into the feudalism of a mediaeval age."

Bhutan presents a spectacular natural landscape with snow peaks to the north and green mountains and deep gorges. Many ancient Buddhist Monastries dot the landscape . The Bhutanese are a deeply religious people. Followers of Mahayana Buddhism, their beliefs intricately weave into their daily lives.

The country's relative isolation and unabused scenic beauty makes it for all practical purposes the last post to paradise. here's a destination that charms the visitor to a never before experience. The kingdom offers a geographical diversity of tropical forests and foothills with elevations of only 300 meters to the south of the country while it peaks at 7000 meters at high Himalayan altitudes. Temperatures vary drastically between day and night and between altitudes.

Bhutan Tours Packages

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Enter the Dragon Tour

The Breath taking view of Mount Everest as you arrive is a mere appetizer to the splendor that is Bhutan.

Discover Bhutan Tour

As you fly in, your discovery begins with breath taking views of Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, and the sacred Mountains of Chomolhari and Jichu Drake.

Across the Kingdom

This is a fantastic West-to-East traverse tour covering the best of both sides of Bhutan so you don\'t miss out on anything.

Western & Central Bhutan Tour

As you approach Paro, the view from the left side of our plane will be unforgettable. You will see many of the major peaks of the Himalaya, including Everest, Makalu and Kangchendzonga, three of the world\'s highest mountains.