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Nepal: Crowned by the majestic snowy mountains to the north & bordered by deep jungles to the south, Nepal rises from 100 feet above sea level to 29,028' on Mount Everest in less than 100 miles. It has the greatest concentration of mountains in the world. And within its boundary lie a diverse mix of race, creed and culture people friendly, attractive & hard working. It is a magical land where deities mingle and vie with mortals in jubilant festivals celebrating life's unending mysteries.

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12 Days Foot Step Buddha Tours

Buddha (Born Siddhartha) was the son of Suddhodhana, the chief of Sakya tribe of the Himalayan foot hills. But worldly comforts did not enamour Siddhartha and he turned an ascetic. 

Everest Gateway Trek

This 7 days trek to the Everest area features the culture of the Sherpas along with great views of Mt. Everest and many other Himalayan peaks. Accompanied by a Sherpa guide you will stay for two nights and acclimatize to the altitude at

Everest Panaroma Trek

This 10-day trek offers excellent views of Mt. Everest and the main peaks of the Khumbu without going to extreme altitudes. Starting with a flight to Lukla airstripwe trek in to Namche Bazaar, the principle town of the area and the

Everest Base Camp Trek

Our 15-day trek offers trekkers the best this area has to offer without taking too long. This trek is truly an incredible experience of this magnificent region and its fascinating people. From Lukla (2,805m/9,200ft) we trek to Namche Bazaar

16 Days Foot Step Buddha Tours

Visit Sarnath where he gave his first sermon and Kushinagar where he attained Parinirvana. And among the ruins of Nalanda you can still hear a distant echo of the chants of scholars of ancient times.